Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wedding supplies

My fiancee and I have been prepping for our steampunkish themed wedding. I have been making some things for decorations and painting and modifying some Nerf guns for playing around with.

Here is my first attempt at mad scientist lights.




These took maybe an hour to make after I had all the parts gathered. I should use a drill press next time. The last of the socket holes cracked the lid and a hand drill isn't easy to use with a flat bit. I would preferred to have used a dial switch, this one was the cheapest but it gets the job done.

Here are two of the Nerf guns I have painted so far



I think the one with blue accents turned out better, the flash makes it look a lot lighter then it really is, the red one may be look better in a well lit area or under sunlight, i can't tell yet as there hasn't been much sun in the N.W. for now. The metal paints are different on the guns, the blue is brass and the red is dark copper.

My next big projects for the wedding are a cane, scepter, and the wedding cake topper. We will be decorating mini-top hats and the parasols we bought recently as well.

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  1. It hope the nerf guns don't mean that you are having a shotgun wedding! :-)