Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More wedding Prep

So we are getting very close to the wedding date 6/26, and we have been finishing up a lot of projects for it.

Over the weekend we finished up the cake stand, it is mostly designed by my father and his friend. We assembled it Saturday and I painted it. The base and platters are made from steel cut on a our plasma cutter. The rest is heavy piping and fittings. it weighs at least 100 pounds, most likely more than that.

I have fully assembled the Cane, Scepter, and Cake Topper. All that is left is to finish painting and decorating them. I should have more images and details posted later this week.


  1. Dude, I just checked out your site. It’s awesome! Congratulations on the wedding. Steam Punk? I would love to see some pictures! This stand alone is amazing. I also loved your wings design.

  2. We have a wedding album, there are quite a few pictures in it. The real wedding doesn't start until around page 9 or 10, depending on how you view the album.

    You can see the finished wings in the album, I have been lazy about posting them up as my good camera charger is missing